J.A.C.E. a film by Menelaos Karamaggiolis 2010

J.A.C.E. is the second feature film of the director, after “Black Out”. Based on true events, the film tells a contemporary tale, titled the name of her hero, a current Oliver Tuist. The title is an acronym for Just Another Confused Elephant syndrome, which involves sexually confused young elephants who are orphaned by small and show aggressive behavior [1].

Alban Okai as Jace
• Stefania Gouliotis as Maria
• Kora Karvouni as Leem
• Minas Hadjisavvas as Demetrius police officer
• Helenus Kaltzanos as Antonio
• Acyllas Karazisis as Dr. Mark Kruger
• Argyris Xaphis as Angelos Karras
• Yannis Tsortekis as Thomas Tepelenis
• Kostas Berikopoulos as a police officer in Banania
• Dyogo Infante as Nicolas
• Christos Loulis as Jace’s father